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MEET Pete Vela.

Pete Vela has been playing and teaching golf lessons for about 30 years.
Through his teaching career Pete has worked with players that have reached national championships while being trained and managed by Him.
Pete has true love for golf and the growth of all his students. The vision of Get Golf Lessons is to impact a player’s golf understanding and skills of the game.

UnLocked Speed Trainer

Get Golf Lessons learning center use and believe that the UnLocked Speed Trainer paired with there Routines will help you hit the ball farther and swing stronger with proven science.If you want to increase your golf swing and play better golf go to there website and use the code getgolflessons10 to receive a $10.00 discount .

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OIC Digital

OIC Digital has been Get Golf Lessons technology partner from day one. We provide digital marketing, web design, management and consulting services. Visit our site to take care of your digital marketing and management solutions.

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Booking lessons in Houston and surrounding areas

Are you in the Houston or surrounding area? We invite you to give us a call and book a lessons with us.
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