Yana Zabarov

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Pete’s coaching. He not only completely changed my swing but he also changed my work ethic. He taught me that if I want to succeed then I need to take every opportunity to be my best. Before coaching with pete I had no idea how it felt to actually work hard but he made me realize that it’s so worth it in the end when you have that gold metal in your hand. He is so committed to his students and is very passionate in turning them into champions. I’ve been to so many coaches and Pete has been the best by far. He is not only an amazing golf teacher but he is also very fun to be around which I find very important in having a good coach. He knows how to be serious in times where it’s needed but he also can make the lessons a lot more enjoyable with his “dad jokes” and eagerness for improvement. I have been coaching with Pete for a little less than a year but in that time I have had more improvement than I’ve had with coaches that I’ve been seeing for years. And I’m so excited to see what my future in golf holds. I couldn’t be more grateful to have Pete as my coach. He has made me believe in myself and made me passionate for golf.I will always recommend him as a coach because I looked very hard for a coach who was passionate about teaching me and making me the best that I can be, and Pete definitely exceeded those expectations.

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