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Pete Vela

Jaivir Pande (Left) with Pete V. (right) At Get Golf lessons.
Congratulations on winning the 2021 Drive Chip and Putt at Augusta National The Masters Jaivir Pande!


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Pete Vela has been an instructor for over 10 years. He has been able to teach players who have gone to compete in high prestige tournaments.  

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Jaivir Pande

I have known Pete Vela since I was 8 years old, in the last seven years Pete has been an integral part in my development and success as a golfer playing junior tournaments in all kind of settings. He is a deeply passionate golfer and his years of playing has helped him to understand the importance of keeping a golf swing simple and practice effectively. This he has instilled in me the perseverance required to keep up my golf swing under pressure and work on my short game day in and day out.  Through the years he has helped me greatly by breaking my swing into parts and progressively working on fine tuning it as required so that my body is ready take the pressure delicately. What sets him apart from other instructors is his heart felt dedication to his student to feel what he is asking them to do and his tremendous patience and work ethics despite his busy schedule. He uses technology to compare my progress by using video recordings to find a way to best use my lower body to line my ball striking with ideal speeds. Now I am 15, expectations I have for myself is extremely high. I am playing more competitive tournament, so Pete is continuing to work with me to raise my game to get to the next level. I really appreciate everything Pete Vela has done with my golf game, and I highly recommend him to other young aspiring Jr. golfers who want to seek his help to improve their game.

Yana Zabarov

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Pete’s coaching. He not only completely changed my swing but he also changed my work ethic. He taught me that if I want to succeed then I need to take every opportunity to be my best. Before coaching with pete I had no idea how it felt to actually work hard but he made me realize that it’s so worth it in the end when you have that gold metal in your hand. He is so committed to his students and is very passionate in turning them into champions. I’ve been to so many coaches and Pete has been the best by far. He is not only an amazing golf teacher but he is also very fun to be around which I find very important in having a good coach. He knows how to be serious in times where it’s needed but he also can make the lessons a lot more enjoyable with his “dad jokes” and eagerness for improvement. I have been coaching with Pete for a little less than a year but in that time I have had more improvement than I’ve had with coaches that I’ve been seeing for years. And I’m so excited to see what my future in golf holds. I couldn’t be more grateful to have Pete as my coach. He has made me believe in myself and made me passionate for golf.I will always recommend him as a coach because I looked very hard for a coach who was passionate about teaching me and making me the best that I can be, and Pete definitely exceeded those expectations.

Driving Range

Pre-Shot Routine Tips

Hitting a good golf shot begins even before you hit the ball. If you watch the pros, you may notice that many of them go through a “pre-shot

routine” before hitting off the tee. This routine can vary from person to person, but the goal is to focus on the shot mentally and aim for

consistency by starting off with the same motions and thoughts for each shot. A pre-shot routine can begin from the moment you take the club

out of the bag. Notice the contour of the fairway and the position of the pin, as well as any conditions such as wind that may affect the shot.

Align the shot by choosing an intermediary target about 2 feet from the ball, and make sure your club face and your body are aligned to the

target line. Check your grip, posture and ball position, and take a relaxed practice swing. Now you should be ready to hit a shot with distance

and accuracy. While it might be more fun to smash long drives and hit pure irons from the fairway, the best golfers know that the most strokes are saved around the greens. Mastering chipping and putting on the practice greens can save valuable strokes on the course and lead to better results on the scorecardChipping and putting are performed around the green, with a slow, controlled movement designed to get the ball rolling

quickly. Being a successful chipper and putter requires deft touch, which can be improved with practice and drills on the putting green.

Swing Thoughts

The swings for chipping and putting are fairly similar. Each swing follows a pendulum motion with the arms, wrists and hands moving in

concert. When you swing the club back on both a chip and a putt, the distance of the take-back and the follow-through should be the same.

Neither a chip nor a putt requires a big swing. Once the ball is struck, you should briefly hold the follow-through.

Using Putting Style for Chipping

Using Putting Style for Chipping 

When the golf ball comes to rest on the fringe around the greens, you can choose to either chip or putt. You should consider the conditions

around the shot when choosing to chip or putt. If there is a significant amount of fringe between the green and the ball, you should choose to

chip the ball. If the ball is resting close to the green, and the shot isn’t too long, it may work better to putt the ball. Also, the conditions of the

ground between the ball and the green could influence your decision.

Practice Drills

To help develop touch with chipping and putting, try this drill on the putting green. Either imagine or create a 3-foot circle around a hole with

golf tees. Then practice hitting long putts or chips toward the hole with the goal of getting the ball to stop within the circle. Getting the ball

consistently close to the hole on chips and putts will lessen the chance of three-putts and increase the frequency of pars.

Club Selection

Putting is done with the putter, while a variety of clubs can be used to chip the ball. If you want the ball to get rolling quickly, you can chip the

ball with a 7 or 8 iron and play a bump and run shot. If you want a little more arc, a club like a pitching, sand or gap wedge can be used from

Putting & Chipping Greens

Before you even hit your first shot you need to stretch your back, shoulders, legs and arms for serval minutes before taking a club out of your bag.Loosing your body prevent the chance of a swing related injury. After you have stretched properly grab a wedge take a couple of swings with the wedge .Practice swings continue to loosen you body. Hit a number of shots with your wedge , focusing on proper stance and. Hand placement on the grip, backswing and follow through. Avoid racing through shot after shot. Instead, approach each shot as though you’re on the golf course and the shot is important. Rushing yourself at the driving range can produce bad habits. Move through your irons from high to low. Next, select a hybrid club if you have one and then your woods from high to low. Note your distance with each club; knowing this information helps you select the proper club when playing on a course. Most driving ranges have yardage markers set up at 50, 100, 150 and 200 yards. Use these markers to your advantage as you hit each club. Hit at least 10 balls with your driver, noting the distance and trajectory of each shot. If you

struggle hitting your driver, the driving range is the ideal opportunity to improve your

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